Alex Evans, also known by the stage name Arkamus, is a musician and audio engineer whose passion for all things audio-related drives him to change the world around him with sound. Some of his greatest passions are sound design and composition for video games. 

Alex was the Lead Sound Designer for FORE-O-FORE as well as Terrific Studios. He has also spent time working live sound at Shoreline Church in Austin and as an audio engineer at D.O.C. studios.



·         Lead Sound Designer/ Composer for Terrific Studios

·         Foley artist and Sound designer for the game Solstice

·         Sound designer and composer for the games Starbinder

        and The Alchemist

o    Starbinder was created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 32 and ranked #49 in audio out of 2832 submissions

·         Composed the EP’s Way of the Samurai, Marionettes, Lavender Fields,              and Crystalline Kingdom

-        Quality Assurance and Tier 3 Agent for Guild Wars 2

-        Quality Assurance Agent for Rockstar Games

-        Doc Studio

o    Track and record bands

o    Resituate live sound board, suggest and implement new equipment flow for best acoustics, relocate and rewire equipment

·        Shoreline Church

o    Monitoring live performances

o    Stage set up, install lighting

o    Build stage props

o    Troubleshoot signal flow

Proficient at:

·         Unity, FMOD, and Wwise

·         Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Logic

·         Excel

·         Mixing/Mastering

·         Sound design/foley

·         Composing electronic and orchestral music

·         Writing lyrics

·         Public speaking



·         Communication and Listening

·         Teamwork

·         Time management

·         Problem solving / Quick Learner

·         Organization

·         Creativity

·         Leadership


·         Bachelor of Science in Audio Production from the Art Institute of Austin (Graduation March 2015)


·         3 years of volunteer work at Topeka Zoo

·         8 years growing and donating food to food banks in the Topeka region

·         8 years ringing bells for Salvation Army



Photo in bio by Lisa Miller. Contact her at .